The Optimizing Appeals and Grievances Summit | A RISE Health Conference


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Save the Date for June 2025

Strategies, Protocols, and Procedures to Optimize Your Compliance Systems

The 9th Annual Optimizing Appeals and Grievances Summit is a can’t-miss opportunity for all compliance specialists looking for actionable audit experience and readiness techniques to tackle changes to CMS regulation.

Join mid- to senior-level professionals from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans at the number one conference for compliance specialists looking to enhance appeals and grievance management while ensuring compliance with CMS regulations. Gain insights on a diverse range of topics, including process improvement and proactive grievance management through the introduction of innovative tools, preparing for audits, and adopting a member-centric approach.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to hear from the nation’s foremost experts, learn how to leverage new technologies, enhance member experience, and tackle changes to CMS regulation.

Stay tuned for details on next year's event.

Who Should Attend

The Optimizing Appeals and Grievances Summit is designed for mid- to senior-level professionals from Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans with job functions in the following departments:

  • Appeals & Grievances Operations

  • Utilization Management

  • Compliance

  • Call Center Operations

  • Internal & External Audit

  • Member Experience

  • Clinical Services & Operations

  • Customer Service and Member Services

  • FDR Oversight

  • Quality Improvement/STARS



Top Reasons to Attend

Compliance specialists attended our last event to:

  • Review strategies for educating members about their rights and the steps involved in the appeals process

  • Discuss the value of integrating patient advocacy into clinical decision-making for appeals and grievances

  • Review strategies for streamlining operations to handle appeals more efficiently

  • Learn how to leverage clinical insights to improve the overall member experience

  • Outline the role of cross-functional teams in managing workload and reducing backlog

  • Review how to continuously improve your processes to keep up with regulatory changes

  • Explore how effective management of appeals and grievances can positively impact quality measures

  • Discuss how to maintain compliance while adapting to new CMS guidelines

  • Highlight methods for optimizing call center performance and member satisfaction

  • Analyze the value of empathy training for call center staff in handling sensitive cases